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Early Career Researchers

Support for early career researchers is one of Heinrich Heine University’s foremost tasks.

HHU offers early career researchers a variety of clearly structured alternatives for shaping their academic careers. In addition to classic habilitation studies, associate professorships or a position as leader of a junior research group are also routes which allow researchers to qualify for a university professorship.

There are several ways to obtain a doctoral degree. Apart from an individual doctorate, there is the possibility to participate in a structured programme in one of the Research Training Groups or Research Schools at HHU. Alongside purely academic work, HHU places special value on supervision and further training measures for doctoral researchers.

Heine Research Academies (HeRA)

Heine Research Academies are a joint academic institution formed by the graduate academies of the faculties (iGRAD, medRSD and philGRAD) and the Junior Scientist and International Researcher Center (JUNO). Heine Research Academies are supporting the research work of all young academics by a complementary program of transferable skills and workshops.

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