Collaborations with the economy


In collaborations with the economy, our Contractmanager will give you comprehensive advises on legal terms, fiscally terms and commercial aspects.

In this consultation
- the facts will be clarified,
- the project will be commercially calculated,
- the fiscal implications will be examined and
- the contractual basis will be elaborated as an example, so that you can ideally step in contact with the company, with a fully calculated project and an draft contract.

Please contact us early! We will be pleased to send you the needed documents.

Download centre

In our download area (INTRANET) you will find
- the letter from the chancellor to research projects in the economic area, dated 20.01.2016
- the newest version of the full-cost-pricing for economic-research projects
- the newest calculation tools and timesheets for economic projects
- the newest version of the Timesheets for economic-research projects

Project Implementation

After signing the contracts your project will be supervised by the Department D 5.1. More information can be found undefinedhere (INTRANET).

Advice on contracts

Contract management

Ingo Gänsler

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