The strategic research fund

In establishing the Strategic Research Fund[1], Heinrich Heine University is pursuing the goal of supporting first-class research projects and new initiatives in order to sharpen further the university's research profile and strengthen its competitiveness at national and international level. The SFF Advisory Board, headed by Professor Peter Westhoff, Vice-President for Research and Transfer, will allocate funds on the basis of a competitive procedure.

The first funding line helps young researchers to submit first applications for research funding to extramural sources by financing preliminary work. It also grants transitional finance (“Sixth Year”) subsequent to the applicant having led a junior research group.

The second funding line is concerned with collaborative projects with a high degree of innovation which sharpen HHU’s research profile or open up new areas of specialization.

The third funding line makes finance available to recruit coordinators for larger scale collaborative projects.

The fourth funding line finances the purchase of scientific equipment which is important for a wider group of researchers and also broadens HHU’s methodological and technological profile.

The fifth funding line – President’s Office Fund – is at the exclusive disposal of the President’s Office for strategic decisions in the area of research.

[1] Strategic Research Fund = Strategischer Forschungsfonds (SFF). For the purpose of better comprehension, the abbreviation SFF is used when referring to the Strategic Research Fund.


Application deadlines

15 April and 15 October

Ms. Patricia Nitsch from the Department of Research and Transfer (Tel. 0211 - 811 1398) is happy to answer any questions concerning the submission of proposals.

We look forward to receiving your applications!

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