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Good scientifc practice

Scientific work is based on fundamental principles which are the same in all academic disciplines. The first principle amongst these is honesty towards oneself and others. The fundamental requirement for scientific work is the fairness of all researchers.

It is here that the University, as a place of research, teaching and support of early career researchers, has an institutional responsibility. In the light of these considerations, Heinrich Heine University is dedicated to the safeguarding of scientific quality standards, in particular integrity and accuracy in research, as a core responsibility of its members and affiliates.

On the basis of and in addition to the Rules on the Principles for Safeguarding Good Scientific Practice at Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf of the 19th of February 2014 as well as the codes of practice specified in the faculties’ doctoral and habilitation rules, the President’s Office of HHU has, with its directive of the 21st of July 2016, created a central framework for reporting structures with which to document suspected and actual cases of scientific misconduct as well as for disclosing such information to the University’s management.

Rules on the Principles for Safeguarding Godd Scientific Practice at Heinrich Heine Universitity Düsseldorf (pdf, dated 19.02.2014).

HHU Directive on Reporting Structures for the Safeguqrding of Good Scientific Practice

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